Fees Policy

These terms are incorporated into Vendio's User Agreement and are subject to such User Agreement. Your use of any of Vendio's services is subject to the User Agreement in its entirety. This Agreement was updated on June 16, 2021.

1. Fees Schedule

a) Vendio Handmade Plans
Hobby Plan
Monthly Subscription Fee: $9.95
Passion Plan
Monthly Subscription Fee: $29.95
Workshop Plan
Monthly Subscription Fee: $49.95
Business Plan
Monthly Subscription Fee: $99.95

b) Vendio Applications
i. Image Hosting. Image Hosting is included on all plan levels, up to the applicable storage quota specified in the following table for that plan (the "Storage Quota").
    • Hobby Plan*
    • Passion Plan*
    • Workshop Plan*
    • Business Plan*
    • Storage Quota
    • 0.3GB
    • 3GB
    • 5GB
    • 10GB
    • Approximate Image Count
    • 300
    • 3,000
    • 5,000
    • 10,000

*If the Storage Quota of the highest price plan is exceeded, an overage fee of $10/10GB will incur.

For all plans, any usage of Image Hosting exceeding the Storage Quota will automatically upgrade to the next tier, based on peak storage for the billing period. At any given time, your total image storage equals the sum of the file sizes of all images uploaded to Vendio (including unfiled images and those filed in image folders), plus the sum of the file sizes of all images in your Recycle Bin. Any other images, such as logos, or images for custom templates, are excluded from your storage calculation. Your peak storage equals the highest total image storage used in a given billing cycle.

ii. Vendio Gallery. The Vendio Gallery (enhanced Vendio Gallery Traffic Booster Edition) is enabled and included within all plans and works with eBay listings only.

iii. Personal Assistance. A Personal Assistance subscription is included within all plans.

iv. Vendio Shipping Insurance. Insurance is included within all plans (with different insurance levels).

2. General

a) Enrollment. Subject to availability, you may enroll in a Vendio pricing plan in accordance with the Fees Schedule or your contract fees schedule. Each month, Vendio will charge you the applicable fees, which will appear on your statement or invoice. Except as otherwise noted, each indicated fee is in addition to, and not in lieu of, the other indicated Vendio fees and fees charged by related services. Examples of cumulative, related services include, but are not limited to, payment processing, eBay, Amazon and Etsy marketing, and shipping services.

b) Billing. Vendio will charge you the non-refundable, prepaid monthly fee indicated applicable to each of your selected plans, if any. All monthly, annual fees and usage fees will be charged until you cancel your subscription. Each Vendio Plan or Vendio Application Plan subscription (where applicable) must be canceled independently. If you cancel one subscription, Vendio will continue to provide and charge for other requested services until you meet the cancellation requirements in this Section.

c) Payment. Payment will be made by a valid credit card or any other payment method accepted by Vendio. Fees are payable in U.S. dollars. If you have previously provided your credit card for payment, Vendio will charge your credit card for billed amounts on a regular monthly basis beginning at the end of your free trial and continuing until your account is terminated.

d) Past Due Accounts/Credit Risks. For accounts that are in arrears or accounts that Vendio, in its discretion, believes may represent a credit risk; Vendio may charge amounts as they come due or sooner than the account would otherwise have been charged based on its billing cycle. If your account is scheduled for renewal, but your credit card on file has expired; you may be requested to update your account. For your convenience, we will also try to process your renewal with your existing credit card. You will be billed a monthly finance charge of the lower of 1.5% or the highest amount permitted by applicable law if your account becomes past due. Your account may be suspended or terminated for non-payment. You will reimburse Vendio for any costs arising from collections activity.

e) Account Closure. You may close your account by emailing us at service@corp.vendio.com to request closure or sending us a request using the contact us form.

f) Changes to Fees. Vendio may change the Fees Policy effective seven days after those changes have been posted on our website and may add new fees effective immediately upon posting the new fees.

g) Discounts, Credits and Refunds. Vendio may, in its discretion, offer discounts, coupons or promotions that may reduce applicable fees. Users may request credits to their account by contacting Vendio customer service. Credits will be granted in Vendio's discretion. Any refunds will be made in credits to your Vendio account. You will not be entitled to a refund in the event we cancel your services for a violation by you of these Terms and Conditions or if you have not used the services.

3. Fee Specifics and Mechanics

a) Vendio Plan Fees

i. Monthly Subscription Fee. If you are subscribed to a monthly Vendio Plan, at the beginning of each monthly billing cycle during which you have enabled a Vendio Plan, you will be charged the non-refundable Vendio Plan Monthly Subscription Fee.

ii. Products. At any given time, your product count (also referred to as "SKU count") equals the number of top-level products in your Vendio inventory (the "Included Product Count"). Only top-level products, excluding variations, are included in this count. Your peak product count equals the highest total product count used in a given billing cycle. For all plans, product counts exceeding the Included Product Count will automatically upgrade to the next tier, based on the peak product count for the billing period.

    • Hobby Plan
    • Passion Plan
    • Workshop Plan
    • Business Plan
    • Included Product Count
    • 25
    • 250
    • 500
    • Unlimited

iii. Marketplace IDs Limits

The Vendio Plans include the ability to sell using several sales channels (each a "Venue ID"), limited to 1(one) Marketplace ID per marketplace.